Perutusan Editor


Dear All My Distinguish Readers,

Yelaaa.Com was created on the 15th July 2011 in order to separate Political Current Issues from my main Blog in TIPsNIAGA.COM, which's meant for writing of the Fundamental of Business Administration & Management Tips & Guides.
And it's not appropriate to mix it up with the Political Current Issues and therefore i am created this Blog to supersede the articles venue into the better Media place to enjoys the Political Current Issues without jeopardizing TIPsNIAGA.COM platform.

In Yelaaa.Com, all articles will be focus on day to day Political issues in the World of today and Political Issues in Malaysia.
And in addition to that, the Editor decided to add more segments in Health, Psychology, Love & Family and Spiritual & Religions Theology articles that related to our daily life's.

With this new Blog, I'm hoping that TIPsNIAGA.COM following Readers will get better Informations and Knowledge exposure with separate Media.
Thank You

The Editor In Chief
DrSoul Loren